We really love cooking food. Especially when we know that the meat that we cook has been treated humanely. We only use organic, free range and grass fed sourced meat when possible, we really care about what we put in our mouths and hope you do too.

What type of food do we cook?

Well, it’s mostly Italian – but with a twist of our French and Australian roots, and a dash of creativity and experimentation that helps us come up with some wickedly tasty combinations (ie- our kangaroo bolognese & our free range chicken & chilli jam meatballs)

 We have a great time cooking for you, we hope you like us too.  Come and find us on Lonsdale Street in bustling Braddon



MONDAY: 12 – 9

TUESDAY – THURSDAY: 12 – 2 & 5 – 9

FRIDAY: 12 – 10

SATURDAY: 11:30 – 2 & 5 – 10

SUNDAY: 11:30 – 2 & 5 – 9